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Mission Statement:

"The Mission Statement of the Community Playhouse of Lancaster County, Inc. is to provide the community an avenue to attend and participate in the theatrical arts through productions and other events (camps, workshops, etc.) that broaden the views of our community through diverse programming, thereby nurturing an appreciation for the arts and our world."

The Community Playhouse of Lancaster County, Inc. was founded in 1972 by a group of forty-five people who met at the Christ Episcopal Church.  The community playhouse is a real community theatre.    The board is made up of 15 individuals that show an interest in bettering the community through theatrical arts.  

Board of Directors

Genni Tiffany - President

Catie Rowell - Vice President

Carie Salters- Treasurer

Katherine Foo - Secretary


             Mary McInvaille Adamson        Joyce Mahaffery               Stanley Stokes

             Jessica Caldeira                            Abigail Jones                     Kitty Zalewa

             Michaela DeBruhl                       Kelly Ellis                           Donnie Sims

             AnneMarie Katalenas


                                                      Will Stokes - Student Advisor

                                                       Kenny Weed - Student Advisor



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