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2024-2025 Season



Into the Woods, Jr.
July 17-21, 2024, USCL Bundy Auditorium


Book by James Lapine

Music by Stephen Sondheim

Be careful what you wish for! Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine's whimsical fairytale unfolds in this rendition of their award-winning musical. "Into the Woods, Jr." showcases beloved characters like Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Jack, and the Witch, in a beautifully crafted retelling of classic Brothers Grimm stories. The storyline revolves around a baker and his wife longing for a child, Cinderella yearning to attend the King's festival, and Jack hoping his cow will produce milk. When the couple discovers they are unable to conceive due to a witch's spell, they embark on a transformative journey to break the curse.

The Crucible
October 7-12, 2024, Andrew Jackson State Park Amphitheatre


By Arthur Miller

 In Salem, Massachusetts, in 1692, a small group of girls accuse townspeople of witchcraft, using this as a cover for their own involvement in the occult. Led by Abigail Williams, their claims lead to the formation of a court to investigate the alleged crimes. Among those entangled in the trials are John and Elizabeth Proctor, a farming couple dealing with marital difficulties. John, who had an affair with Abigail, gets drawn into the chaos when she accuses Elizabeth of witchcraft in an attempt to be with John. John tries to clear his wife's name, but Abigail's accusations turn against him. This true story culminates tragically as John is arrested for witchcraft, facing the dilemma of falsely confessing to save himself or maintaining his innocence and tarnishing his reputation. The conclusion of this gripping tale leaves John with an impossible decision to make.

Christmas Dessert Theatre

The Great North Pole Bake Off.jpeg

The Great North Pole Bake-off
December 4-8, 2024, TBA

By Lavinia Roberts

'Tis the season's must-watch reality show unfolding at the North Pole, where residents compete in creating festive holiday bakes! Presented by the jolly and witty elves Merry Yuletide and Noel Joyeux, this week's task involves baking cookies inspired by Christmas carols. The panel of judges includes the joyful Santa Claus and the regal Snow Queen. However, the grumpy and work-focused elf Coal is not amused by the holiday baking distractions and urges everyone to return to work. Can the North Pole residents show Coal the true spirit of the season?

The Christmas Cafe
December 4-8, 2024, TBA


By Burton Bumgarner

The Christmas Café is the backdrop for a charming tale where Betty, both waitress and cook, serves customers from three beloved holiday stories: The Night Before Christmas by Clemet Clarke Moore, A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, and The Nutcracker by E.T.A. Hoffman. In the story "All of the Other Reindeer," Blitzen is feeling burnt out and frustrated about always being the last on the team. His fellow reindeer offer advice: Cupid suggests finding love, Donder recommends a good stock portfolio, and Prancer proposes an exercise routine. Perplexed, they seek help from Santa's latest recruit, a reindeer named Freud, who diagnoses Blitzen with jealousy and anger issues. Ultimately, Betty suggests rotating the last position among the reindeer, leading to a positive change in Blitzen's perspective. In "Bah! Humbug!", Marley's Ghost visits Scrooge's house a century and a half late! The Spirits of Past, Present, and Future intervene, resulting in chaos, including Tiny Tim becoming a football player. Lastly, in "Nutcrackered," E.T.A. Hoffman battles writer's block until Clara and Fritz captivate him with a magical nutcracker tale.

Play On!
Feb 26 - March 2, 2025, USCL Bundy Auditorium

By Rick Abbot


A spirited community theater is gearing up to present a play named "Murder Most Foul," a new murder mystery production with a title reminiscent of an Agatha Christie novel, albeit with no connection. The director and theater manager, Gerry, felt it was a good idea to stage the play, as the novice playwright had generously allowed the company to perform it for free. Little did Gerry know the calamities that lay ahead: the play turned out comically amateurish, the murder mystery lacked an actual murder, and the playwright kept altering the story and script just two days before the premiere! Adding to the chaos, the cast was dissatisfied, and the playwright accidentally erased the entire sound effects board. Act III unravels into a series of hysterical mishaps as the company bravely performs the show. "Play On!" is a delightful comedy tribute to community theater.

Play On!.jpg

Shaking It Up With Shakespeare One Acts

Drop Dead Juliet!
May 14-18 , 2025, USCL Bundy Auditorium

By Allison Williams


Everyone is familiar with the well-known tragic ending in the classic love story of Romeo and Juliet, where Romeo mistakenly believes Juliet is deceased and ends his own life. However, this is not that tale! Juliet is fed up with the constant tragedy in the renowned love story and decides to take matters into her own hands. She is seizing control of her destiny. (Shoutout to Shakespeare for including that dagger.) With a touch of sass from Shakespeare, a spotlight-stealing nurse, sword fights, dance battles, and the mysterious Rosaline, this Shakespearean spoof promises unexpected twists at every turn!

Drop Dead Juliet!.jpg


May 14-18 , 2025, USCL Bundy Auditorium

By Allison Williams

Mmmbeth's tale takes a hilariously twisted turn when the three witches skip the formalities and dive headfirst into taking over the narration. Meanwhile, Queen Duncan, far from following the expected script of demise, contemplates a career shift into the tempting world of donut franchise ownership. Lady Mmmbeth, a bloodthirsty June Cleaver with a penchant for immediate gratification, speeds up the royal succession plan with her clever schemes. The hired murderers, however, find their priorities swerving towards creating a catchy commercial for their rather unconventional services. This adaptation maintains a lighthearted vibe with its modern language, yet dark undertones linger, much like the original Macbeth. Mmmbeth truly is a delightful and witty twist on Shakespeare’s classic, blending the blood and turmoil of the original with humor and contemporary dialogue, promising a theatrical experience that is both entertaining and thought-provoking.

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